Confidence is fluid. Some people have too much in certain situations, but zero in other situations. Areas, where you feel super confident, might cause others to tremble in fear. My journey to becoming a better mountain biker has taught me a lot about confidence and it relates well to becoming more confident in other areas of life. Here are a few of the impactful lessons.

  1. Everyone has to start somewhere, just get on the bike!

When I decided I wanted to give mountain biking a try in 2008, I could’ve started by chewing through piles of books, devouring YouTube videos…

Header photo-Photo by Peter Fazekas from Pexels

With a title like that, this could go a myriad of ways, but this one’s going to take an unexpected turn. But first, let me set the scene of why this was so significant.

First off, it’s the first part of January and, while I’ve never officially set any resolutions for myself, I am using the first part of this year as a reset. …

Adam Beasley

Husband, father, son. Lives in Michigan, grew up on a tropical island in the Pacific. UX designer by day.

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